Learning 3D Visual Programming

2 min readAug 19, 2020



Visual programming has proven its value in many fields already. In particular it has become very useful in the area of design where manual modelling is not flexible enough to address contemporary parametric challenges. Existing tools for programming 3D geometries are quite expensive and hard to access for beginners. Having the experience of programming modern CAD applications and the background in frontend web development I wanted to make 3D algorithms instantly reachable via the browser for professionals and beginners alike.

bitbybit.dev — is a frictionless web app that will give you access to the world of 3D algorithms

BitByBit is like Scratch for 3D programming. It is a website that provides development environment for custom built 3D visual programming language based on Blockly — one of the coolest products that came out of Google, if you ask me. I have integrated Blockly with BabylonJS WebGL game engine and VerbNURBS library written by Peter Boyer. By using these tools I was able to expose many concepts that hopefully will give creators a lot of freedom — like a real time rendering loop, familiar visual programming system (that beginners of all age groups are using when learning to code), and a small, but efficient NURBS kernel.


On the UI side there are no installers, no login screens, no subscriptions, no app stores. My intention is to keep the core of BitByBit free and open source. When you open up the application, you see the list of examples that provide you with an opportunity to start. Examples contain links to the YouTube Channel videos that give code reviews explaining how things work. I hope that this tool will be able to find its adoption in the classrooms and coding bootcamps.


The application is in the alpha release, give it a try and let me know how I could make this tool better. Thanks!

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BitByBit is an open platform for coding geometry in visual programming language.